Where Will Lending & Banking Customers Come From in 2019?

1:00 PM CST

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Right now, 51% of homebuyers and 75% of renters find the homes they buy/rent online, respectively.

With this majority of housing customers starting online rather than with local lenders or Realtors, how do you get to them first? And if you do, how do you offer a one-stop shop for renting, buying, financing, and improving their homes?

This isn't where the world is going in 2019: It's already here. So before we wrap 2018, don't miss this session with two top industry sales/marketing execs that will cover all consumer stats, business models, and secrets of how to win in this new era. 



Meet the Panelists
Joe Welu

Joe Welu

Founder & CEO, Total Expert

Julian Hebron

Julian Hebron

Founder, The Basis Point


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