New Valuation Trends Disrupting the Industry

1:00 PM CST

With the shifting landscape of the appraisal industry and constant advances in technology, the valuation space is changing rapidly. 

What does that mean for originators? It’s time to take a fresh look at your valuation strategy and ensure you are leveraging the most effective tools to mitigate risk, improve accuracy, and manage cost. Plus, be prepared for where the industry is headed and how AI will enhance the way you do your job.

This webinar is ideal for originators who have purview over valuation strategy or leverage valuations in their day-to-day.

What you will learn:

  • Update on the current state of the valuation market, including the appraiser shortage and changes in the regulatory environment
  • How the changing origination environment is influencing the use of different valuation tools, with a look at unique use cases like non-QM lending, Fix & Flip and SFR
  • Technology trends shaping the future of valuations – specifically AI and predictive modeling – and what that means for you

Meet the Panelists

Doug Mitro

SVP, Valuation Operations, Radian Real Estate Services

Michael Youngblood

Michael Youngblood

Principal, Co-Founder, Five Bridges Advisors


Craig Lasson

SVP, Business Development, Red Bell Real Estate, LLC


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