How to Deliver an End-to-End Digital Mortgage through a Well-Built Tech Stack

1:00 PM CST

New technology has evolved the mortgage process, creating efficiencies for loan officers and delivering added convenience customers have come to expect. Despite the benefits these various technical offerings make possible, lenders now face the challenge of wading through the numerous available options in order to build a tech stack that results in a profitable digital mortgage strategy.

In this webinar, SimpleNexus will explore the benefits of a single-platform experience for loan officers, borrowers, and Realtors during the loan transaction. Attendees will learn the importance of considering the experience of all three stakeholders when choosing new technology and the possible effects an implementation can have on these parties. The webinar will also give mortgage lenders a first-hand look at the full capabilities a loan officer has when using a mobile origination toolset, including the latest advancements in digital disclosures.


Meet the Panelists

Ben Miller

President, COO, SimpleNexus


Pamela Faulkner

Director, Mortgage Solutions, SimpleNexus


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